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Be the Change

I complained to God

Little children in our midst

Needed to be taught of Christ

With no church school, teaching’s missed.

Lord, how can we expect

To keep the children here

If no one’s willing to

Teach the Word they need to hear?

No young people stepped up

To lead the Bible class

I’d done my turn at teaching

Now it’s a younger person’s task.

Still no one stepped forward

I was getting quite upset

There are people out there capable

They could teach the class, I’ll bet!

“Be the change you wish to see,”

Came the message loud and clear

So Bob & I took it on…

The best move we made all year!

Every week these darling kids

Lift our spirits, bless our heart.

What’s the change you wish to see?

Do it now! It’s time to start.

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