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Getting Older


As we get older, we spend more time looking for the refresh button. It used to be an internal gift that worked automatically. Now it is more like the crank on the ancient model A Ford. Not only is it a visible device that jumps out in front of us, but it takes more effort than we’ve got sometimes to crank it up. So, like the “0ut of juice” announcement that warns us to stop and take time to plug the cell phone or the computer in to an energy source, our bodies say, “Stop, refresh, take time to plug in to your energy source.”
For some people it is a drive through the countryside or a walk in the woods, along the beach,  or in the mountains. For others it is quiet time alone with God or their Maker. For some it is TV or a good book or the right kind of rest with good music. Others are energized by friends, visits, social media.

Whatever your source, it becomes more and more important to plug into renewed energy as we get older. And like a battery, the life between recharges goes faster. Just tune in to your body rhythms and your energy sources and take TIME. That’s my sage advice for you right now.


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  1. Sally Butters said:

    Right on!

  2. I’ve been feeling and saying this for quite some time now. The pressure is always around us to be more, do more, be prettier, thinner, smarter — you get to a point where you have to slow down, unplug, then plug back in another day. I have learned to love every minute I’m alive — even if it means unplugging and watching TV all night. Or writing blogs. Thank you for reminding all of us.

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