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Listen and Hear


My Constant Companion,

My Comforter is She.

She’s my Advocate;

She guides and supports me.

The Holy Spirit came

To remind me to love,

Even when I’m tempted

To give some schmuck a shove.

“Pray for your enemies,”

The Holy Spirit says, “Beware!

Look at the log in your own eye

Before condemning the sliver out there.”

My Constant Companion

Reminds me to look up

And heed her teachings

When my faith is shook up.

The church is a place

Where we hear Truth speak.

Unless her voice rules there,

It’s just another room, small and weak.

But most of my life

Is not within church walls.

Out there in the tempting world,

I find myself in stormy squalls.

Unless Truth comes out

And walks with me in streets,

My presence is no more helpful

Than anyone else the troubled meets.

So, Holy Spirit guide me.

Stir in me Your Grace.

Help me LISTEN and HEAR as You do

And let LOVE shine in my face.


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