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Madison Valley Woman’s Club

I am the inspirational leader for the women’s club in my town – the appointed “Chaplain.” The club is part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC), known as the Madison Valley Woman’s Club (MVWC). This week we kicked off our new year with a meeting of more than 50 ladies (our town has a population of less than 1,000 – so fifty is a sizable number for our little community). For the inspiration this month, we featured M&M’s = Music and Movement.  I explained that the M&M’s on the tables were not just a sweet treat, but a reminder to add Music and Movement to their lives for a fuller, healthier existence. Then, clapping along to the accompaniment of my accordion, the ladies joined our “Sing-Along”  to the tune of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountains.”

ImageGet up, stomp your feet, clap your hands and sing along with me:


We’re the Madison Valley Woman’s Club, you know.
We are women in the flow and on the go.
We work hard at Nearly New –
Donating hours (quite a few),
As we give and sell and buy and work and grow.

We don’t have to work at Nearly New it’s true.
But some do it to be helping me and you
Earn the money for our giving,
Providing others a better living;
We give scholarships – and donations, too – Woo-hoo!

We have interests that are as varied as we are.
Some attend a church or garden or sit at a bar.
We are philanthropic souls, though;
We accomplish many fine goals, oh –
We cook, play bridge, fish, hike, sew, paint, golf near par!

We’re the Madison Valley Woman’s Club, you see.
We live here and love to be in this valley.
We tell others how we groove it,
Finding ways we can improve it.
Join us, friends, and you will smile contagiously!

Our Madison Valley Woman’s Club returned more than $50,000. back into the community in the 2012-13 fiscal year! Those were the profits realized from the sale of “Nearly New” items at our local thrift shop. It is owned and operated by the ladies of the GFWC-MVWC. Amazing, isn’t it? So much good comes from the donation of time and talent and “stuff” that people don’t need or don’t want anymore. If you’re anywhere near Ennis, Montana, come by and see us! You, too, won’t be able to help yourself – – – you’ll find a bargain for a few bucks – – – buy it, knowing it is for a good cause – – – and leave the shop smiling contagiously!

Tune in tomorrow for a list of to whom or what those funds were donated 🙂


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  1. Oh, I wish I was closer! What excitement and enthusiasm you have. I love it! Take care! – Amy 😀

  2. That’s an awesome start to the year. The GFWC Milford Young Woman’s Club just started their fall season off yesterday. We even had a couple of people joined last night.

    • Where is the Milford Young Woman’s Club? Always good to start the year with new members. Congratulations! What special projects will your club do this year?

      • We are in Milford CT

        Right now we are having a clothing Drive that will be finished up next week. We have a Veteran’s Day service at a local Nursing home on November 9. We will be sending care packages to our service men in Afghanistan and in November we will be baking pies for Aids Project New Haven.

  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/114795478539989/ the proceeding is our facebook page…:)

  4. […] did take the opportunity to mention to Telka about the wonderful Blog from GFWC Madison Valley Woman’s Club in Montana.  I sent her the link to their club and maybe we can start corresponding with them.   I […]

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