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Begin Eternity Now!

Today was my last day with my darling Vacation Bible School class. Tomorrow I am headed to Four Corners and Manhattan (Montana) to share some reading/writing with other members of my Writers of Madison County. We are going to bring some inspiration and cheer and thoughtfulness (hopefully) to members of a retirement home there. This morning as I spent quiet time in my sanctuary and contemplated the week of VBS, the messages, the themes, and what we have learned together, I marveled at the receptivity of these young minds. They are beginning their eternity now – seeking to learn – desiring to follow – opening their hearts to one another and to God. I shared with them this poem that I wrote in the peacefulness and reflection of my sanctuary. It is my gift to them. May the message of this week live in their hearts and grow in their faith as they attempt to live as Jesus taught us.  God bless them!

When Jesus walked upon tho earth,
He was the vision of God we see.
He gave God flesh in human form.
He made God live for you and me.

When Jesus asked men to follow,
His magnetism drew them in.
They dropped the lives they were living,
Gave up family, worldly comforts, sin.

They followed Him to far off places;
They listened and they saw His love.
And when He was crucified and buried,
They knew He rose to Heaven above.

They saw a dove descend and land
When the Holy Spirit took Christ’s place.
They knew the joy of following Jesus,
And they spread the Good News everyplace.

We don’t have to leave our homes,
Desert our families, go far away –
We can read the Good News here
By being Christ’s love everyday.

We can study in our Bibles
What jesus taught, how Jesus prayed,
What Jesus did, how he faced trials,
How He took care of all God made.

Then we can go do likewise –
Right where we live, right on our street –
We can love and spread our joy to others,
Show Christ’s compassion to all we meet.

Christ told His twelve disciples,
“I will make you fishers of men,”
When He sent them out to spread His love.
They obeyed. They went. They followed Him.

We need to do as those twelve did.
We need to heed the call of Christ.
By loving, living, doing God’s will,
We’ll receive the gift for which He sacrificed.

Begin Eternity Now!

Thanks for dropping in, my friends. Come again.
Bee Well!

JanBeek ;o)

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  1. I try to read the Good News and do like Jesus would do. It’s not always easy!!!! Lovely poem, ma!

    • Thank you, DeDe! Nobody said it would be easy! But you give it your best shot, which is al any of us can do. God bless you!! Have a marvelous weekend. Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I love you!!

  2. Oh I can imagine those darling students, and how lucky they were to get to work with you in Bible School. I tread carefully now, dear sister/friend, as I reach out and offer you what I think is a typo: “We can dread the Good News here”. I am sure the ‘d’ slipped in 🙂 Easy to update and set right. Always, with love, Gina

    • Oh my goodness I got so nervous about daring to offer that suggestion, that I forgot to tell you how MUCH this poem moves me. Another gem. Gave my arms happy goosebumps, reading this amazing poetic story, of how they gave up all to follow Him. The dove. And how we can do it right here, everyday. Another precious poem for me to cherish. Thank You! Hugs, Gina

    • Oops! Oh, thank you so much for catching that! I am just discovering this place called “Notifications” and reading follow-up comments that I had not previously see. Thank God I saw this one. I will get right over there to that typo and get that dreaded “D” outta there!! Totally changes the meaning, doesn’t it? Goodness!! ;o(

  3. Hello dearest Jan! Hooray, you’ve discovered Notifications too! That tool is SO helpful. Anyways, I’m glad to help. That interloper was changing the meaning of the sentence! A ‘dreaded’ D in indeed! Really love this poem. All your poetry and writing. Keep it up! I enjoy all you share. Warm hugs, Gina

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