Loving One Another

The Insanity of Jesus

You get by giving.
You live by dying.
You win by losing.
We are spiritually trying
To understand Jesus’ message.
The poor are rich.
The weak are strong.
Let your mind switch.

The rational world
Has things all wrong.
Priorities are topsy-turvy –
Not where they belong.
Jesus lived an insane life –
Not reasonable at all.
He had no earthly home –
No suitcase – big or small!

In the eyes of the world,
He was out of His mind.
He thought we’d all care –
Take what we have and share.
He gave All He Knew
To twelve unqualified men.
The world saw that crew
And knew He was crazy then!

Today He has given to us
That same “All He Knew,”
And we’re equally unqualified.
Maybe we are crazy, too.

You think?

Comments on: "The Insanity of Jesus" (5)

  1. This is beautiful, and true. The Magnificant of Mary is one of my favorites. She told us who her son would be. Still, we have much to understand. Thank you.


  2. He takes “the weak things of the world to confound the wise.” God’s kingdom is an upside down kingdom! Beautifully written. Great message!


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