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How would you rate your confidence level?

Confidence level depends on confidence in what. What? The love God has for me= 10 The love my husband and I share= 10. JetPack seeing my WordPress posts and transferring them here =4. How about you? Do you have confidence in this new program?

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  1. The program seems OK to me so far. Did you delete the old app? It said that might interfere.

    • Hey Donna, how do I delete the WordPress app? And how do I make sure it transfers all my data to JetPack and I won’t lose anything?

      • You got to go to playstore and Uninstall WordPress after you allow the new jetpack to take over. Then it just runs. Has all the info already. I didn’t like anything here.

      • Thank you for the tip. I will see if I can find the “playstore” and the uninstall option.

      • Playstore is the app on your phone, which is where I uninstalled mine.

      • I have an Apple iPhone. It doesn’t seem to have Playstore. Thanks for trying. I am still searching for where the uninstall is. But, I am reluctant. When I log into my WordPress account via JetPack, it doesn’t show the comments at the bottom of my posts.

      • According to Google, Remove an app from the Home Screen: Touch and hold the app on the Home Screen, tap Remove App, then tap Remove from Home Screen to keep it in App Library, or tap Delete App to delete it from iPhone.
        You might not see comments because they switched to jetpack. If you do not switch it won’t run correctly. You will probably be more satisfied when you take the plunge, so to speak, lol. Love you. ❤️

      • Thank you. I think I have taken the plunge. We’ll see!

      • Best of luck, sweet lady.

    • I am going to go and try to find where I need to go to “uninstall.” I’m nervous about doing it – afraid I am going to lose stories, posts, friends… but you said it seems OK, so I am going to chance it. Thank you, {{{Donna.}}}

  2. To be honest, I haven’t done anything with the app on my tablet.

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