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Let Us Pray

Yesterday my blogging friend, Donna, at



posted this wonderful YouTube link
(see the song below and listen if you can),
and in church yesterday our pastor, Rev. Mary Grace Reynolds,
reminded us of all the prayerful needs there are out there.

Dear Lord,

Make the unseen visible.
Help me see them and care for them.

Help those who hurt, and are hiding it,
those who lack the energy to do what they need to do,
and those who care for the sick and needy.

Help the aching people in this aching world:
those in war zones and flood or tornado or earthquake areas.
Bless those who have suddenly found themselves with nothing.

Heal our divided nation.
Give us a sense of unity – an understanding of our oneness.

Use the hands of nurses, doctors, firefighters, and
all those who work diligently to serve and protect others.

In Jesus’ Name,

John 17:11

Holy Father,
protect them in Your name that You have given me,
so that they may be one, as we are one.


Do you have a special prayer request today?
If so, please tell me in the comments section below.
I would gladly add you to my prayer list!

With love and hugs,

Comments on: "Let Us Pray" (17)

  1. Simply beautiful!

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  2. Looking great (((Jan)))! Thanks for mentioning me and the Father’s feet! Sending love your way!

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  3. Amen Jan to that beautiful prayer x ❤

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  4. Praying for those we don’t know is special

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  5. I pray that your eyes have healed up well and your vision is better than ever!

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    • Thank you very much, Dwight. My distance vision is wonderful now. I have an appointment with my optometrist in a couple weeks when the healing is complete … will get prescription lenses to correct the nearsightedness. My “single lens” vs the “multiple lens” was all that was available at my age and with the shape of my eyes. But, before the surgery, because of the cataracts, my glasses were no longer helping with either! I had to get the “dirty lenses” replaced. When all is said and done, I think I will be glad I did this!

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      • Wonderful to hear. I am very happy with my results. I also had partial cornea transplant surgery on both eye at two different years. It has made a big difference. I am now almost 20/20 but I still have to wear glasses to correct my astigmatism.

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  6. Elaina Colby said:

    Prayers for my neighbor Mr. Walt who lost his short battle with cancer. Special prayers for his wife Valerie who has never been alone and was pretty dependent on her husband.


    • Where is the “I Care” emoji when I need it? I have been praying for Walt & Valerie. God has taken away his pain and taken him to his eternal home. I will pray for Valerie as she mourns her loss and learns to lean on others while she learns to be strong in her independence. It’s a tough transition, I’m sure. God bless her!


  7. Amen! Prayer always links us with our Father’s hotline. Let us use prayer as the Lord Jesus intended. Grace and peace be with you Jan.

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