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True Friends

I’ve written several times about TazE, our Boston. Here’s one of my favorites.


On a site whose by-line is “Love One Another,”
I can’t forget to remind you to be sure to
return the unconditional love
given to us by our “True Friends,” our pets!


Our Boston terrier is a real love
At eight and a half she thinks
She still is two.

We have had about eight Bostons
During our 57 years together.
They provide relief!

Relief from the seriousness
Of life on this planet –
They make you laugh.

If you’re a pet lover,
I don’t have to tell you –
They are True Friends!

Here is our TazE. What a blessing she is!

Let’s get acquainted!

“Play” is TazE’s middle name!
She loves to romp on the grass
and chase her favorite toy, the ball.

But any stick will do!

TazE is a bringle and white Boston.
See the touches of brown in her black body?
She started showing a…

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Comments on: "True Friends" (8)

  1. My favorite dog breed is the Bichon Frise. Our Corey died in early 2020 at the age of 13. We miss him!

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  2. Aww TazE…what a doll! My twin had a Boston for 12 years so I understand! My little Finley gives so much unconditional love! Thank you for sharing, Jan! 🐾🐾🐾

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  3. This is a great post. Your TazE is a beautiful dog! We could learn a lot about how to love from our pets.

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  4. Thanks for sharing more of TazE.


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