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No WP Room!

No WP room? I am being told by WP that I have used all the gigabyte allowed for JanBeek. So everything I try to post with photos fails. I already pay the $99.99 annually for the deluxe plan. The next level is commercial. I don’t need that. So, what now? My posts from London & from Derrick & Jackie’s won’t upload. I am losing touch with my WP friends. do I go into my WP photo album and begin deleting pictures? Is there a way for the WP program to recognize and automatically delete duplicates?

I am missing our interactions – and would love to show you what a grand time we’re having on this London/Downton/Swiss trip!

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  1. You’ll get it figured out, Ma! In the meantime just relax and enjoy your Swiss visit! We looooooooooooove having you and Pops here!!!!

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  2. Elaina Colby said:

    I agree with De! Enjoy your vacation! If you want, load your pictures on another platform and use a hyperlink to it. That doesn’t use any data space on your WordPress. https://wordpress.com/go/plan/how-wordpress-com-storage-works/

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  3. Elaina Colby said:

    I would love to come and spend a week with you!

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  4. Peter Martin said:

    Is there an archive, or a compression function. Maybe, pull them off onto a storage medium to free up space.

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    • The problem is when you pull them off, they are no longer visible on the blog where I originally posted them. I guess I have to decide if that’s important or not.

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  5. Hi Jan,
    I wish I knew a solution to that. I hope a reader here will know.
    I want to see the vacation photos 🙂
    Wishing you luck! Blessings! ♥♥

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  6. I get that way also. I go back a couple of years and dump the photos which gets me back space to add more without charge. I have been on the free site since 2016!

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  7. Jan, I agree with your daughter. Relax and enjoy this precious trip. Your amazing friends on WP totally understand. Grace and peace to everyone in Switzerland!

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  8. I don’t get it — usually our WP account has lots of room for pictures! How many could you have? DOn’t pay more — just go and have a great vacation and keep the pics and we’ll figure this thing out!

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    • I have nearly ten years worth of photos gathered there! Lots and lots! I wish there were a way to automatically identify duplicates! I’m sure there are many!


  9. You need to self host friend.

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