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Peace, Quiet & Gratitude

Today “I Can Find Peace” popped up in my drafts folder. Didn’t I already tell you that and post the poem and the scripture from a Isaiah?

Also, today a post from Pat Cegan popped up in my reader … a post that she blogged last September! What’s happening? My computer is possessed!

But God needed me to see her post today – the day before 2020 Thanksgiving in the USA. Yes, I needed this reminder. Maybe you’ll find it timely, too.

Movements glimpsed at the corner
of my eyes, an unexplained fragrance
lingering in the air, sounds with
no apparent owner cause me to
stop and listen more closely.

Shapes of light, feeling loved
and protected by those who guide
me, reassure me that I am never
alone. A sigh of gratitude and a
knowing nod acknowledge my
understanding that I am beloved.

Wasn’t that beautiful? Oh, and just in case the start of this post from my draft folder is meant to be sent again … here it is! Maybe I need this today, too. Do you?

Isaiah 32:17

“The effect of righteousness
will be peace,
and the affect of righteousness
is quietness and trust.”

I can find peace –
It’s here in my heart.
Living in trust
Is a good place to start.

Have a peace filled day.

See ya later. Hugs from JanBeek

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