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I said I’ll see you tomorrow.
I said we’d know more about the election results then.
We are getting closer to an election outcome,
But we are not there yet.

Nevertheless, we can celebrate.
Celebrate our freedom.

If you did not see this post yesterday,
Please read it and comment today.
What are you celebrating today?


Comments on: "Celebrate!" (9)

  1. I’m celebrating a beautiful day

    • Every day has its own kind of beauty, doesn’t it? A storm is blowing in here today… with snow expected tomorrow. Gray and wheat colored landscape soon will be white. I love the change of seasons! <3

  2. Jan, I’m celebrating the purchase of a new tiny home. I didn’t think it would happen for me. In the midst of my celebration this week, a friend committed suicide, and today, found out someone I JUST MET yesterday (a gal who sold me home insurance) lost her husband (age 56) to a massive heart attack during his Bible Study last night. I’m devastated when life tragically ends. And have comfort and praise they’re both in the arms of Jesus. God bless you Jan.

    • Wow! Your day sounds akin to mine a few weeks ago when my sis died in the morning and my hubby was diagnosed with congestive heart failure that afternoon. Sometimes bad news comes in bunches.. often threes. But the Lord knew those two were enough for me that day. Your two are enough for one week, that’s for sure. God bless you! And God be with the families of those two tragic ends. <3 <3

  3. It is all about done – I hope the repercussions are not too distressing.

  4. Indeed, there are individual reasons to celebrate. I am celebrating and lifting praise that my oldest daughter and her young boys have weathered a possible exposure to Covid at daycare. After quarantining to be safe and careful, everyone has remained healthy. Amen!

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