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Did I Lose All!?

My WordPress site was hacked by someone. It had a new name and I couldn’t access it from my iPhone icon app. So I erased the icon on my cell phone and created a new log in. Now I see only evidence of sites I follow, but none of my previous posts. Lordy, I started in 2012 and had 930 followers -and was in my 138th consecutive day. Have I lost it all?? are you there?

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  1. Yes we’re all here and reading 🙂

  2. Elaina Colby said:

    That’s terrible! I can see your previous posts on my phone app. Hopefully, by changing your password, all of your blogs from before will be unaffected.

  3. Sorry about what happened, Jan.

    I am here 😊🌷

  4. Sorry to hear that, I am still here. What in the world is going on…

    • I don’t know what is going on. I wrote to WordPress on two different occasions two days prior to this morning, asking for help with a fake site that was set up with my janbeek title. I was not able to access my WordPress site. They did not respond to my requests. S0, I deleted the fake ccount. Then when I tried to log back into my real site, none of my contacts or prior posts showed up. I was devastated! I reached out with my “Did I Lose it All?” question. Fortunately, when I went downstairs and logged in on my computer, my site was restored. Whew! It was such a relief! Thank you for logging in and expressing your concern. <3

  5. I can see your prior posts… ((hugs))
    Hope you figure it out 💕

    • Thank you. When I got back downstairs from my sanctuary and logged int my site on the computer instead of the iPhone, I was able to retrieve everything. Whew! Thank God! I am so grateful. I hope WordPress has us all backed up in the cloud!! <3

  6. Always here. Never missing a post.

  7. Present as usual

  8. Holy Moley! A true scare to lose all of your creative writing! Glad it’s all back.

    • Thank you! Yes, I am grateful it’s back, too. I don’t know how to back up the site in case this should happen again and not be able to be retrieved. Do you?

      • I do not. I am pretty much a simpleton when it comes to electronics. I would just keep a copy of every blog in a folder. But there must be a simpler way.

  9. Glad you’re still here, with all your wonderful past posts.

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