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Travel with me from Ennis, Montana to Big Sky and back. Let’s celebrate my great-granddaughter’s first birthday!

It was a beautiful blue-sky, puffy cloud day. We left in plenty of time to get to the party by 1:00 PM. But, 23 miles out of Ennis, we ran out of gas!

Big Sky - way home.jpg

The nearest gas station was 23 miles back where we came from!

But luckily, we had friends who lived just three miles from where we were, and my cell phone was still in a working range. So I called Nancy and she sent Marty with 1/2 gallon of gas. It was enough to get us back to Ennis. He followed us to make sure we’d make it. Oh my, what good friends!!

Hope w Sienna @ 1st b'day.jpg

There’s the birthday girl, my great-granddaughter, Sienna, with our granddaughter, Hope. We were supposed to be there at 2: ┬áIt was almost 4: by the time we arrived, but no one had eaten all the cupcakes yet!


Sienna's cupcakes.JPG

Sienna was too busy eating Cheeto puffs!

Sienna w 2 Cheetos.JPG

Sienna - big smile.jpg

The party was in this gorgeous setting right on the Gallatin River.

Pam's southern river view.JPG

Pam's Galltin River view.JPG

Pam's neighbor - horse.JPG

We had BBQed hamburgers before heading back home. We went the “other way,” through Four Corners rather than through Gallatin Gateway to avoid the road construction that delayed our arrival at the party.

The ride home was along the Gallatin River and through the Canyon that separates Madison and Gallatin Counties. Beautiful scenery!

red rock hillside.jpg


rocky mtn with scallops.jpg

Gallatin rocky mountains1.JPG

Gallatin River & pool.jpg

The sky clouded even more as we returned home to Ennis, but the rain held off. It was a beautiful day – and a treat to celebrate Sienna’s #1 birthday with her.

cloudy sky - home from Sienna's 1st.JPG

Do you have grandchildren or great-grandchildren?
Do you get to celebrate their birthdays with them?

Thanks for joining me.
See ya tomorrow.
Have a Happy Saturday night.
Hugs, JanBeek

Comments on: "Birthday in Big Sky" (8)

  1. happy birthday…..very cute

  2. Fran McNeill said:

    Such a darling!

  3. A lovely day. You probably know I have 9 grandchildren; no great grandchildren, but several great nephews and nieces. In the past I always visited them on birthdays but we are quite scattered and less mobile now.

    • Yes, we all are less mobile now… and scattered, to be sure. Thank God for the internet that allows us to ZOOM and FaceTime and shat on WhatsApp and Messenger. I bet you do that with your nine grandchildren as often as you can. I saw pictures of some of them. You have a very handsome family! <3

  4. A blessed day indeed! I love the drive down from Four Corners to Big Sky, through the canyon, and enjoying the meandering Gallatin River escorting us. Thanks for sharing the pics Jan.

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