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Christmas-time Travel

How did your day start?

Our day started out by loading up the car with suitcases, presents, and ski equipment. Then we delivered a few things to friends in town and stopped at Maples Coffee Shop for a wonderful egg/sausage breakfast sandwich and delicious cup of coffee before heading toward Christmas at our son’s in California.

Lori & Kevin Billings

Maples Coffee Shop is a wonderful, delicious place in our little town of Ennis. Kevin & Lori are super hosts!

When we headed out, roads were clear and skies were blue with growing clouds.

The farther west we went, the colder and more gray the skies became.

But the weather held off and the roads remained clear. Praise God!

Now in Elko, NV, after a delicious dinner, we’re ready for a good night’s rest. We’ll travel the rest of the way to our destination tomorrow. Sleep tight! 💤 😴

See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "Christmas-time Travel" (4)

  1. So glad all’s well so far! I hope you have a great time with friends and family! I’m jealous!

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  2. The next time I am in the Ennis area, I will have to stop at Maples. So thankful you have good weather and clear roads for traveling. It takes true road warriors to make a trip like this in the wintertime. Be safe on your return trip home.

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    • Thank you, Richard. We will stay in this CA sunshine for most of the month of January – traveling from the Placerville area into the San Joaquin Valley and on to southern CA. I’ll keep you posted! And yes, do stop at Maples. Try their sausage & egg breakfast sandwich. YUMMY!!


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