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Purpose of Art Ed

Arts education includes not only the visual arts, but also music, culinary arts, and all forms of creative expression.

The difficulty in auditory performing arts education is that excruciating learning period before clarinets stop squawking and violins stop screeching. Unlike my mother, who couldn’t stand it and sent me and my clarinet out to the shed across the driveway to practice, the teachers can’t send the students outside to learn! At least not all the time!

Those darling violin students that I introduced you to yesterday do not sound (yet) like the YouTube video I posted of beautiful violin virtuosos. God bless the teachers, students, and appreciative audiences who recognize the learning process and love them through the squawks and squeaks!

Listen without covering your ears!

Support arts education in your schools and in the independent Arts Academies that teach visual and performing arts after school and on weekends. God bless those teachers! Ya gotta love ’em!!

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

Don’t hide your face and cover your ears.
Don’t send ’em out to the shed!
Ya gotta love ’em!!

See ya later!

Comments on: "Purpose of Art Ed" (8)

  1. I had the same thing happen to me growing up. I had the sliding doors closed when I was rehearsing the piano. I think it was mainly because the people in the other room wanted to watch/hear tv but it still hurt a bit. I hear ya!

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    • Sorry we hurt your feelings. If I had it to do over, I would pick up a glass of wine, sit down on that front room’s leather chair across from the piano, and focused on your music. Can we do a rewind?


  2. Alexandra A said:

    I played the oboe. There was no cure for some of that beginner’s screeching! lol

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