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Message on Giving

Before giving his sermon on the importance of tithing, our minister, Steve Hundley, got our attention this morning with this story:

“A bus load of seniors from New York City were about to embark at a mink farm. The driver/tour guide asked, ‘Before we go out to see the minks, does anyone have any questions?’

“A little old lady dressed to the hilt with fine jewels and a mink coat asked, ‘How often do you skin those mink?’

“With a wry smile, the guide responded, ‘Once a year, whether they need it or not!’

No, that’s not mink!

Using that as a segue, Rev. Steve launched into his sermon on tithing, and I began my usual poetic note taking.

How often do you skin a mink?

Once a year whether they need it or not.

And how often do I preach on tithing?

Once a year whether you need it or not.

How much should I give regularly?

To Tithe means a tenth… that’s the gift.

It’s important to give a portion regularly;

Then it’s not a question – causing no rift.

Priority giving and venturing in faith

Are two important principles to know;

But humility in regular giving

Is stewardship with an inner glow.

Giving is our way of saying thanks

To our God for our many gifts.

If we give with a heart of gratefulness,

We find that giving gives generous lifts.

How often do I need to tithe?

Once a week whether I need it or not.

How often do I give to the Lord?

Regularly… from my heart with all I’ve got!

See ya later!

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