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Love Sports?

What sport do you love?

I enjoy watching football … especially when it is Montana State University whomping their opponent!

Can you see that score?

MSU has 56 and Norfolk U has 21.

That’s an unreal score for the offensive team. Good job!!

When someone asks you what sport you love, you don’t think about spectator sports so much as your own participation, right?

When I was younger, I loved playing tennis. It kept me fit and trim and connected me with friends who also loved to play. I dreamed of dying on the tennis court someday when I was 90+ years young… defeating my husband on the court …

Well, that’s probably not going to happen. But, what a way to go, huh? Playing some sport you love and beating somebody you’ve loved to play with for 60+ years. We should all be so lucky!

Yes!! I beat him!

Tell me about your favorite sport … and how you dream about dying (no, I realize that’s my weird dream… you don’t have such crazy thoughts!)… Just tell me about the sport you love.

See ya tomorrow

Comments on: "Love Sports?" (4)

  1. Cricket and rugby for me – probably because I played both until I was 45

  2. Go Cats! They are off to a great start. I was an undergrad when they won the national title in 1976 under Coach Holland.

    Besides the Bobcats, I also follow the Ohio State Buckeyes. I always look forward to college football season.

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