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Montana Beauty

Montana Beauty

Montana grass:mountains:sky

I don’t know who took this photo
(I’ll let you know if I find out),
but isn’t it gorgeous?

That’s the Madison Range seen from our Madison Valley.
The prominent mountain is called “The Sphinx.”
From angles farther north, the two parts of it seem joined
and the front looks like the face of the Sphinx
(hence its name).

This view is about 20 miles south of our house.
We see it from this angle
when we go out four-wheeling on our ATV.

Anyway, I just wanted you to see it.
Too pretty not to share!

Have a great Sunday morning.
See ya after church.

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  1. That’s awesome!!💕

  2. Sunny De said:

    That’s an amazing photo! Gorgeous 😍

  3. Thanks for sharing these images!

  4. Beautiful scenery, lucky you so close to home.

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