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The Cost of Christmas

Sermon notes – Dec. 16, 2017 – Rev. Jean Johnson – Madison Valley Presbyterian, Ennis, MT

Recorded by Jan Beekman – in poetry (as is my habit) – while listening intently today.


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The Cost of Christmas

Ebenezer Scrooge was transformed.
He hated Christmas and all
That talk of love and peace.
His dream helped him hear God’s call.

He bought a goose and invited
All to come to his feast.
He had love and joy to spread
To rich and poor, the most and the least.

It cost Scrooge a fortune
To pay for all that food.
What does Christmas cost you?
Does the cost put you in a Scrooge mood?

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John the Baptist warned us that
Christmas will cost a lot.
But it’s not the money he referred to;
It’s the deliverance we may not have sought.

Purifying fire and judgement wait
For those who fail to believe.
The fire is a punishment for those
Who are stingy and cause others to grieve.

If you have two shirts or coats,
Be ready to give one away.
If someone owes you money,
Don’t overcharge them any day.

Jesus taught people to love and forgive.
“Get ready for the Christ Child.
Give from your surplus,” John preached.
He didn’t ask us to do anything wild.

Jesus’ message was a tough one
For many who held hate in their heart.
John asked folks to prepare for Christ
By repenting, turning, making a clean start.

Be on the true path, headed right
As you prepare for Jesus Christ’s birth.
You’re on the right road in church today.
Let’s be God’s witnesses on earth.

Are you?
Am I?
Let your life preach His message,
And as Mother Theresa is quoted as saying,
“Only use words when you have to!”

(Isn’t that a heck of a message for a blogger?)


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  1. What does Christmas cost me? Hmmmm….The only thing that’s the least bit sad about it is being far away from you and pops!!!! Other than that ….nothing! Christmas is a wonderful time of year where we gather together and share good food, wine, laughs, and a present or two. This year we will gather at Rog and Kad’s home and we will give one gift to one person the name of whom we’ve pulled out of a hat. It’s too bad Kad won’t be there. She will be in Thailand with the family of the cook with whom she works.

    • I hope our packages (3) all arrive on time for you. Have a wonderful day with Roger, Michel, Mike (& Tonia?), Nick, and Denise. Wish you could all be here with us!

      • I wish we could be there, tooooo!!!! Thank you so very much in advance for the Christmas gifts!!! Very kind of you! You’ve changed your address to us now, yes? 😁 Because your Christmas card was sent to our old address 😁

      • Yes! And I am glad you received the card. I sent it there because I thought it would arrive before you moved.

  2. Very well said.

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