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Sami’s Story

Our favorite waitress is Sami. She lights up JR’s Restaurant in Elko, Nevada. She is so friendly – so personable – so efficient!


Today After serving us a delicious breakfast, Sami asked our Swiss grandson if he would be returning to Switzerland after we visit California.

When Chris explained that he hopes to be attending Job Corps training in Montana in the new year, Sami smiled knowingly and went to care for other customers.

Then (after being sure everyone’s needs were met) she returned and sat next to Chris and shared this amazing story:

“This Christmas we had the pleasure of a visit from Drake, my son Mike’s friend. Drake trained with the Job Corps in his late teens. Today he is a successful electrical engineer. We’ve known Drake for 30 years.

When Drake and my son were 7 years old, They met at a pet store.

Mikey had a pet turtle. He’d had it about a year and he realized it wasn’t much of a pet. It didn’t do anything. What he really wanted was a gecko.

I asked him, ‘But, what will you do with your turtle? You can’t just throw it away, you know. It’s a real thing!’

So Mikey made a sign.

“Turtle for Sale – $10. –

– or best offer – Call (phone #)”

He put a picture of his turtle on the sign and the owner graciously let him hang it at the pet store.

Soon after, Mikey got a call from Drake. He was a boy in Mike’s second grade class. Mikey knew Drake was from a poor family. ┬áHe didn’t have money for his lunches, let alone $10 for a turtle. But Drake really really wanted that turtle.

Mike met Drake at the pet store. I let Mikey do his own negotiating. We brought Drake home with us to get the turtle. By the time Drake left, he not only had the turtle, but Mikey had given him the terrarium, the turtle food, his favorite fleece-lined jacket and $5 in cash!

Oh, and yes, we made sure Mikey got his gecko!

That was the first of Mike’s many generous, compassionate acts. And we’re blessed to have a continued relationship with Drake, who came to visit us this Christmas with his seven year old son.”

Sami got up from our table to wait on her customers.

We sat in awe of her sharing. Our hugs were extra warm this time as we left the restaurant. We’ll be back, you know. Sami is not just our favorite waitress. She’s a treasure!

Do you have a Sami-type story to tell?

Bless us with YOUR sharing !


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