Loving One Another


“Be Thankful to the Lord”

ReJOYce in the Lord,

Pray with thanksgiving,

Keep your heart in Christ –

And the peace of God will be with you.

ReJOYcing is a high calling.

God made us and called us.

He has provided for our life.

Thanks be to God.

Always be glad.

It’s a basic Christian attitude.

God gives us good reason

To reJOYce always.

Deep affection for God

Allows us to reJOYce in Him.

Christ made that affection

Possible through His resurrection.

ReJOYcing in the Lord

Makes a difference

In our lives everyday.

Love, peace, & contentment flows.

We don’t find our identity

Formed by the world or our troubles.

We live in the assurance

Of our Victory through Christ.

Paul, in prison, not only reJOYced,

But he called on all to

ReJOYce always in God

Who made, sustains, & loves us.

Let patience and kindness

Be your Christ-like trademarks.

Have no anxiety.

Do not worry – – – ever!

ReJOYce in the Lord.

Live in the Truth of God.

Pray with a faithful heart.

The peace of Christ be with you.



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  1. JOY really is the center of rejoice!

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