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I’m Back!

About a year ago I stopped writing in WordPress. My email account associated with it was full and overflowing. The task of keeping up overwhelmed me. Something had to give. So, I just stopped blogging. It’s been a good reprieve.

Then, about a month ago I flew home to Montana from a family reunion in California and brought a cold virus with me. It turned into pneumonia and threw me for a nose dive! I was so zonked by it that whole days went by in my pajamas, too drained to get out of bed or off the couch! I had way too much time to think. My husband got the bug from me. The only difference between my pneumonia and his “walking pneumonia ” was that he was too stubborn to lie down! As soon as he felt better, he went skiing. Relapse! He spent a couple days in his pj’s, too. Then when he felt better, he went skiing again. After the second relapse, he gave himself a week before he was on a ladder, painting the eaves. I gave myself the full month … in fact it’s been five weeks. Finally, I am better. I feel like I am going to survive! God bless the friends who brought food, called, prayed, visited, shopped for me, found good books to keep me entertained and still, and sent cards of encouragement! I am so grateful.

During this time of forced rest, I had time to think. Time to evaluate my life. Time to reprioritize. Time to read one of my favorite WordPress bloggers, Janet Riehl, order and savor her newest book, Sightlines, and time to be inspired by her insights and talents enough to sign up for an eight-week Writers’ Workshop. I’m back! I’m committed to starting a writing project and finishing it. I’m ready to rejoin the world of the living and make my voice heard.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I’m glad you are back and feeling better Jan!

    • Thank you. I appreciate your good wishes and your visit to “Love One Another”… I look forward to time exploring your blog and others I’ve been missing.

  2. I can’t wait to read what you will write! I love you, Mom, and am SO grateful and thankful that you’re feeling much better!

    • Thank you for the good wishes and affirmation, DeDe. I am writing a book! I have started participating in an 8-week Writers’ Workshop with Lexi and 4 others. Goal is to start and finish this project in the course of the workshop. I am highly motivated!

  3. Since I am new to your blog, it’s like discovering you anew! And I’m excited!

    • Welcome back to you, too. I understand that full mailbox and taking a break. But it’s so good to be reading you again. Thank you for following. I appreciate you.

  4. Hope your writing project has been inspiring! A writers’ workshop sounds like a wonderful undertaking. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment.

  5. I look forward to seeing more of your written creations, my friend. May your days be filled with blessings.

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