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Cross the Bridges

In a spirit of expectation,
Antelope roam the brown and golden ridge.
They meander off the snowy mountain,
Wade the river, cross the bridge.

Beneath the dry and tasteless surface,
Lie treasures new and green.
They persistently stick their noses in
To find what can’t be seen.

Like antelope, we roam about –
Walking in hopeful anticipation
That just beneath life’s still, calm surface
Might lurk bright and growing expectation.

By wandering from our place secure,
By entering life where troubles lurk,
We meet opportunities to sow new growth,
Feed a needy soul, give a positive perk.

God asks us to be curious.
Come down off our snowy perches.
Cross the rivers of comfort and affluence.
Go beyond our homes and churches.

Dig beneath smooth, deceptive surfaces.
Find places where need and hurt abide.
Stick your nose in; get your feet muddy.
Provide new growth; dig beneath human pride.

In a spirit of expectation,
Roam the brown and golden ridges.
Meander off your snowy mountain.
Wade the rivers; cross the bridges.


Comments on: "Cross the Bridges" (2)

  1. I love you more today than I did yesterday Mrs. Beekman. Your words are like a cool calming bath to my hot, stressed out soul. I love reading what you write, I love knowing how you think and what you feel. I can only thank the Universe for putting you in my path. Best teacher ever…most favorite person ever…I feel blessed for having known you. Thank you for always sharing your words with us. I feel inspired and motivated to go out and root around the ground with my nose and find a tender morsal..seriously. I am getting dressed right now and will go find a field that has yet to be molested by any other noses. I will share my findings with you when I get back.

  2. Bless You, Susan, for your kind response – and for the readiness of your heart. Don’t rule out the well-trampled field – – – there always are new shoots springing up! 🙂

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