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Living with Peace and Purpose


Do you have a sense of purpose out of which grows an increasing peace in your life? One of the groups of people with whom I volunteer is the Madison Valley Medical Center Auxiliary. This week we presented to the CEO of our MVMC a check for $8,000. The money represents the proceeds from our recent fundraiser, a Home Tour. Volunteering to help that event happen was a pleasure. The ladies all worked together amiably. The homeowners were gracious, hospitable, and generous. We had determined in advance what the local need was: the replacement of a portable x-ray machine for the hospital.

In presenting the check to hospital, the ladies had a sense of “Mission Accomplished” and looked forward to finding and fulfilling a need for next year. As we look ahead, however, we are mindful of the fact that this check does not begin to pay the balance owed by MVMC for the cost of this life-saving equipment. We are like the child picking up starfish on the shore and throwing them back into the ocean. “Look at all those stranded fish! What difference does it make to throw ONE back?” Well, as the child responded, it makes a difference to THAT one!

Isn’t that what life boils down to? Making a difference for that ONE? That’s my life’s purpose: one act at a time, spread God’s love. Find a need and fill it – or begin the process of filling it. Every starfish counts! What is your purpose? Find it – and be at peace!

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  1. You’re an incredible woman, momma! I love you! You sure make a difference in MY life!!!

    • Thank you, DeDe!! I miss having daily contact with you. I miss having you nearby. I pray for you daily. Have a beautiful day – a wonderful weekend – and a successful, happy week. I love you! đŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the inspiration to help even just one!

    • Tell me what you did today to help just one… and remember, every little act of kindness multiplies beyond your wildest imagination! God bless you!

      • Seems small but I inquired of how a woman who recently lost her spouse was doing, gave her a hug and told her that I daily pray for God to be with her and help her during this painful time.

      • Doesn’t seem small at all. Someone to care, ask, and respond with a hug and prayer is priceless! Thank you for reaching out. Do it again!

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