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I love water. Do you? Water is a life-giving force; it is the one essential, besides LOVE, that sustains life. Life cannot be sustained without it!

I was in a conversation with a former wrestling student of my husband’s recently and he said he was “Headed back out to sea again. Headed back to Tern and Laysan Islands in the Northern Hawaiian Island chain.” He said, “Hope the seas aren’t as rough this time. I hate paying for meals I can’t keep down…” His image of going to sea was not necessarily a pleasant one. After he returned, he wrote to say he was “back on dry land again.” He lives in the state of Washington. Living here in Montana, I told him he didn’t know what “dry” means. We need rain so badly here! That comment lead to an e-mail exchange of ideas about water. The last of those found our friend writing so poetically that I decided in fact his words are a poem!! I took a few editorial liberties and added a couple of phrases here and there… but mainly, the words below are his! I added a picture of the Gallatin River where my grandchildren and I hiked last summer. Beautiful, powerful water! You never know where your next source of word power will emerge. Read on… and thank you, Peter Martin, for your inspirational message!


The Power of Water


Water is a powerful source of energy.

Whether at the shore or along a river,

it sounds almost mathematical,

and it draws me closer,

nearer to God, my Creator.

I don’t know if it reminds

a person of being in the womb,

or if it is older and much more

in the primal brain centers.

I do know that whether peaceful

or babbling, rumbling or gurgling,

it instantly reminds me of music.

Like bathing the soul in color,

cleansing our senses,

restoring our faith,

giving us strength to continue,

It nurtures our mineral needs

and draws away pain.


is my source of…


How would you complete that sentence?

You, too, are a poet, my friend.

Join your comments to Peter’s and add your word images below.

I’d love to hear from you.

JanBeek  ;o)



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  1. Connected energy that came from the core source that created life.. It sustains and cleans within itself it is not just in any ocean, river, pond, reservoir it is what makes up the energy that drives the human body within.. It’s depth has purpose and is calming when in the depth of it!

    • I like that… not just any energy, but connected energy. Yes, it does have enormous purpose and it can be very calming… but it also can stir up and become quite unsettling. I like the multi-dimensional quality of water, don’t you, Clark?

      • I have never seen in the depth of the ocean, lake or even a glass of water any turbulence at the bottom I could stare at it for hours or just sit there for hours yet nothing… I suppose on the surface there could be.. But underneath… within it seems to always be calm no matter what is going on around it.. The quality of water is unharmed in any dimension. It is amazing.

    • Even watching the water rushing in the picture at some point it will slow and be calm at the bottom.. The top will seem violent but it is not the essence of the water that makes it look that way.. for it is actually calming in any effect because of it’s calmness underneath!

  2. Peter Martin responded to the invitation to add his words to the end… and here is what our dear friend said, “I’m not sure of the word, but salvation, friendship… Again I’m thinking of a word that means… you know when you are so dehydrated that the tongue seems to get glued to the roof of your mouth and you can’t even get enough liquid to form, for a swallow, your eyes can hardly focus, you long ago stopped sweating and you know you are in trouble and you begin to panic. Then you find water, like the folks travelling the desert during Moses’ time. You drink, and instantly, you feel a transformation, as if God had just lay his hand on you and you have been saved. You feel love, warmth, lifted in spirit and forgiven of our sins.” Wow! You really are a deep thinker and a wordsmith, Peter. Thank you!

  3. Water is that source that allows our boat to keep afloat. Kind of like God being our water source to keep us afloat in the sea of life.

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  5. I would add joy. I associate the sound and presence of water with beauty and joy. Water is the source of my joy.

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