Loving One Another

Peace Shattered
Havoc Heaved
Stunned Confusion
Conflicting Realities
Discharged Pandemonium
Genius with Madness
God’s Child
God’s Grace
Trust in God’s Promises
Deep Reflection
Enemy Embraced
Right of Inclusion
The Gift Of Peace


God Bless You!

A New Day

The Gift of Peace in a New Day

Comments on: "A New Day" (4)

  1. Donna Colbert said:

    Your beautiful, Love-filled poem, “A New Day,” moved me to tears! Your inspiring gift of words is serving as as tool for healing. Jan, we knew each other ‘professionally’ here in CA and I always had great respect for what you did with/for children. Amazing to me is the fact that, after all of these years and now, living states apart, the internet has allowed me to know your Heart. I am so grateful. ❤


    • God Bless You, Donna! You are an encouragement. Now that our company is gone, I need to get back to my blog. People like you keep me feeling creative and help me know that I should try to take time to write at least a little EVERYday!! Thank you!


  2. Beautiful, Jan! What a tragic event. Hard to make sense of this. Our prayers are with them.


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