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     Some of you know that I am in the habit of taking notes in poetry form while I listen to the sermon in church on Sundays. Through my filter, I condense the 20 minute message to a few stanzas. I enjoy sharing with our pastor what I have written. It’s fun to hear what someone else thought was the “meat of the message,” don’t you think? Then, it’s fun for me to have her say, “Right on! You got it!” This is what I “caught” as I listened this Father’s Day Sunday. The message was based on (or sprouted from) Mark 4:26-34. Check it out!

The Shade of the Shrub

Jesus meets His people
In the shade of the shrub.
It started as a small seed
And grew to a small stub.

Then somebody watered it
With care and compassionate love,
And that stub grew to a healthy plant –
Maybe a weed – but with many a hug!

The shrub is the church collective:
A seed, to a stub, to a shrub.
We meet Jesus in the shadows and
Cast His light on the soil at our hub.

The hub of the church is God,
Whose light we shine in the darkness.
With love and compassion we grow
God’s Kingdom on this earth’s starkness.

We, my friends, are the growing shrub.
Christ is at work in us all.
We are a weed in the process of spreading
God’s Love. May we grow strong and tall!



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  1. Amen!

    • Just what I hoped, Julie, that someone would write the “Amen!” – and that’s why I left it out. Thanks for visiting and adding the “Amen!” I appreciate your response.

    • Thank you, Julie, for dropping in. I love your blog title. I need to get into your “Follow” list. Right now, however, Ty & Monika and the four GrandAngels are with me. Need to get back to quality time with them. Can always blog after they’re gone, right?

  2. I like that we are all weeds…..very strong and persistent!!!!

    • Thanks, DeDe, for visiting. Persistence is such an important quality for any kind of success in life. Bee a weed! ;o)

  3. I think the name of your blog is perhaps my favorite of all the blogs I’ve seen. Simple. Beautiful. Says it all! Thank you!


    • Thank you so much, Russ. I appreciate your visits and comments. I’ve taken a break for a couple of weeks while my grandchildren are here with me. I’ll get back to blogging after they leave. Meantime, I am sure you understand the priority of face-to-face time with them. They’ll give me plenty to write about after they leave. Ah, it’s an adventure keeping up with four teens. Thank God He gave them to us full-time when we were young!

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