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  1. This picture was taken on our drive home from the Grizzly Grill in Cameron, MT this evening. My husband, Bob and I had just spent a wonderful dinner hour sharing poems and stories written by our friend, Jack Murphy, who died two days ago on May 30, 2012. He was a man of great wit, enormous whimsey, and an insatiable childlike curiosity. I know he met his Maker asking, “Is that all there was? Is there anything more or will I just drift away through time and space now with no heart, no soul, no place to dwell?” And I believe the Creator of us all in His mercy will take this pure and gentle soul into His arms and show him the Limitless Options of Eternity. I am going to post a poem of Jack’s called “Limited Options.” Look for my next post and you will see where my faith took me after reading the poem this beautiful night.

  2. It’s sooooo beautiful where you live!!!

    • Thank you, De. As you know, this picture doesn’t even begin to touch the surface of all the beauty here. Time for you to come back!!

  3. DeDe said: “It’s sooooo beautiful where you live!!!” I agree. You live in your heart and with your spirit. Beautiful indeed!

    P.S. I love the photos too!

    • Thank you, Russ, for your kind comment. I DO love this place with all my heart and live here in the spirit of the pioneers who must have loved it with their whole hearts, too, to endure the hardships the frontier presented.

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