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Someone Cares

I care about you! How do you know it? There are so many ways to share your love and to show someone that you care about them. What are your favorite ways? One way is a technique many call “A Lost Art.” What is it? Letter writing! With blogs and e-mails, text messages and phone calls, television shows and videos, FaceTime and Skype taking the place of pen and paper, many of our nation’s post offices are closing. But you and I value the power of the written word. Let’s keep our post offices busy! We know that there is something to be said about a written message sent in a letter or a card. We know people enjoy reading over and over again the words of encouragement sent to them by neighbors, friends, family, loved ones. I subscribe to a Guideposts card ministry called “Someone Cares.” Each month I receive a dozen cards in the mail – ready to be sent to just the right persons. Each card is carefully crafted with a thoughtful message. The back of each contains a story that fits that particular card’s subject. Usually, the story brings to mind the face, the situation, the joy or sorrow, struggle or triumph of a friend – and I know (as soon as I see it) for whom that card was intended. Within a week of receiving the packet, each one is on its way to someone I care about. It may be a “Happy Birthday” or “I’m Sorry for Your Loss” or perhaps a “Hang in There” message or “Thank you” for something that person has done. Around Veteran’s Day, there will be cards of appreciation for service to country. Sometimes one of the cards will express sorrow about the loss of a pet – and inevitably that card will arrive right when I need it. This month one said, “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of God no matter the conflict.” How timely that was! I had just had a long conversation with a friend about a conflict in her life. “Thinking prayerful thoughts of you,” it said inside. A brief letter with a signature tied the message to her specific need – and the story on the back reinforced the prayers of encouragement and hope. What better way to show love to your neighbor? Don’t let the letter writing process become a “lost art.” You have a friend who needs one from you today!

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  1. What a neat idea! I have a little box of blank cards that I keep around for any occasion. Whenever someone does something nice for me, or if I think they can use a pick me up, I jot off a note to them letting them know how much I care about them. I’d rather write a “real” letter (hooray for the lost art of letter writing!) but when I don’t have the time, this works well.

  2. With a simiar thought in mind, I have a range of postcards that I am just introducing called “Kind words”. They are either an affirmation of what you see in another or what you wish for them – or a mixture of the two. And of course, what we wish for or give to another we are also bringing or giving to ourselves.

  3. I love this!! If you’ll notice on my Gravatar and my About on my blog, I include that I am a snail-mail aficionado! I believe it’s even MORE important in this electronic world, to share a hand-written, stamped treasure in the mail. HOORAY to you for posting this. Cheers!

    • There is no communication short of face-to-face that compares with snail-mail as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for the feedback, Gina.

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