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Drain the Swamp!

Today is the day in the USA when the first of the public viewing of hearings related to the possible impeachment of our president are occurring.

However, even though he promised to “Drain the swamp” when he came into office, his slogan is not what my title is referencing!

Instead, I am referring to a text from my cousin, Cliff. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I have asked for prayers for Cliff and his healing. Cliff had esophageal cancer and his esophagus had to be removed. We’ve been praying that yesterday he would be able to go home to his dear wife, Nurse Janine, for continued recuperation.

Janine & Cliff Hurn

But, today I received this text from Cliff, “Tuesday: After 9 hours in the ER figured out I have fluid at the bottom of my right lung so…they kept me at the hospital 🏥 for the night 🌌 and they will drain the swamp this morning 🌄!”

Please join me in prayer that the “swamp” is successfully drained – and Cliff can return home in God’s perfect timing.

Thank you 🙏🏽 dear God, for hearing our prayers. And thank You, Jesus, for Your intercessory prayers with us.

I’m headed to TOPS. See ya later!

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  1. I am joining you

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  2. Adding Cliff to my prayers.

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