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Voice – a Quadrille

A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, not including the title, using a specific, assigned word. Today’s challenge on d’Verse is Quadrille #85 – Raising our Poetic Voices – and VOICE is the word.

Here is my quadrille:


Every writer has a voice.
You may not hear its tone
or timbre on paper
but its Intent,
and Grace
Speak loudly.
In only a page or less,
you know
if you like that voice
or not.
your voice
speak love?

Jan Beekman


Comments on: "Voice – a Quadrille" (14)

  1. You end with a good question!

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  2. Welcome to d’Verse Jan. Love your poem… yes, you can tell a person by their words!

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  3. Jan, yes, through the words and between the lines… Like Dwight said, Welcome to dVerse!

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  4. So much truth in your quadrille, and the final question is ever pertinent!

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  5. Welcome to dVerse, Jan! Your words are truth for thought.

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  6. Thank you for sharing your voice in your quadrille Jan — well written.

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  7. Yes. May we ALL speak love, Jan.

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  8. I wonder what it speaks… but I prefer a voice that asks to the one that tells.

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  9. It is interesting how we seem to be able to gauge intent, even through sophistry. we seem to be wired for it, but we are sometime decieved by the walls we have grown up within. Trying to speak love, is the best way to pure intent. Nicely done, nice to have you here at dVerse

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