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Life’s a Teeter-Totter

Twenty-seven years ago I wrote the poem that’s framed in the picture above (when I still considered myself a kid). I presented it as a birthday gift to my mom. When she left this earth a few years ago, I inherited the poem and the ceramic, musical mice in the teeter-totter that accompanied it.

Yesterday a blogging friend wrote a piece about “Balance.” She asked if it gets easier to find balance in life as we get older. I recalled this poem and told her I would post it today.

Rereading it now with 27 extra birthdays under my belt, I believe the “IFs” in here still are relevant today. And without that foundation of love, I would imagine finding balance is a bigger life-long struggle than it is for those whose home, mother, family and friends provided the love and stability we all crave.

What do you think?


Life is Like a Teeter-Totter


Life is like a teeter-totter,

Full of ups and downs.

Kids learn to roll and toss with it,

To shake away the frowns,

If they have had a loving home

To lean back and reminisce on when they roam.


Life is like a teeter-totter,

Full of bounces and of bumps.

Kids learn to rock with a jolly jump

And shake away the lumps

If they have had a loving mother

To hug them tight and with kisses smother.


Life is like a teeter-totter,

It works better in pairs.

They keep each other balanced

And handle life in shares –

If they have had their mother’s arms

To guard against abuse and harms.


Life is like a teeter-totter,

Full of laughs and silly giggle.

Full of noise and wonderment –

Girls to squeeze and boys that wiggle –

If they have been secure in love,

Both from home’s hearth and God above.


Thank you, Mom, for filling my life

With love. More ups than downs, for sure.

You seemed to know my every need.

For every hurt, you had a cure.

Happy Birthday, Mother dear –

I thank God every day that you are near!



If you had a happy, loving home, with a mom who provided that sense of security and the ready help when you needed it, I bet you are able to keep life’s teeter-totter in better balance than those folks who missed that connection. How would you characterize your childhood? Did you have a mom who helped you have a greater chance for a balanced life?

Comments on: "Life’s a Teeter-Totter" (13)

  1. Wow, you had a beautiful childhood. My mom shielded me and my sister’s from so much in the world. I had to call her from college to ask her how to do laundry. I wish I had been better prepared for laundry and life. Lovely poem. True too.

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  2. dedesunshine said:

    Well, YOU certainly well prepared me for adulthood, Mom! And I always knew that you had my back for any situation. I had the chance to grow up in a structured and loving environment. All my wants and needs were met and more! What more can I say?!?? I love you!!!!!!😘❤️💕

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    • Awwww, how sweet of you to be so affirming, DeDe. ❤️😍 I hope you’re finding more and more balance in your life as time goes by! Hopefully next year will be the best!👍🏽

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      • Well, it’s a pretty rocky time right now with the big move but things will hopefully be much better when we leave the Rottenhorn! Can’t wait!!!

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  3. Wow! 27 years ago? I’m glad you came across my post that made you recall this.
    Thank you for sharing with us such beautiful poem. Life truly is like a teeter-totter…full of ups and down, but having a mother’s love makes it all worthwhile and bearable.


  4. How nice this poem is. I got so interested when I started to read this. 😍😍😍😍

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  5. Hi Janbeek. Yours is really nice and fabulous. We want more poems like this from you. Wish u all the best .😃😃

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